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Accommodation is a critical part of overall travelling experience  and even more important when you have the young ones in tow.

There is a legacy that to travel on an “adventure “holiday means that you leave all the comforts of home – at home and you spend the nights in dirty, smelly unsafe accommodation that you have to share with every other member of your tour.

This is not true on an award winning Family adventure Company holiday and It is time we busted that myth.

We take a lot of care in choosing your accommodation and avoid the big chain hotels. Your accommodation could be a locally run activity base in Europe where hospitality is king, a jungle lodge where location is critical or just small family run hotels dotted along our itineraries. 

Our accommodation is:

  • Clean
  • Convenient
  • Child friendly
  • Well-located
  • Representative of the region you will visit 

We don't just stay in hotels....

Jungle Lodge Halong Bay Junk Overnight Train Bedoiun Camp

Jungle Lodge

Traditional Junk

Overnight Train

Bedouin Camp

Gulet Slovakian Pension Royokan Camping


Slovakian Pension



Sailing Boat Safari Lodge Cave Hotel Homestay

Sailing Boat

Safari Lodge

Cave Hotel