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Inca Trail Family holiday

15 days Peru, Americas
Trekking level: 
5. Strenuous
Family Holiday | Teen Adventure 11yrs+
Trip code: 
Trip Highlights: 
Trek along the famous Inca Trail
Pedal through the Andes on a mountain bike adventure
Visit Peru's vibrant markets in the Sacred Valley
Discover Peru's ancient wonder of Machu Picchu
Flight Inclusive prices from
Child £3,182 Adult £3,535
Price includes flights, transfers, all accommodation and entry fees, as well as a selection of meals. More info »
Prices without flights from
Child £1,886 Adult £2,095
Price includes everything listed above, excluding flights and transfers.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find the answer?

Please read through the trip notes fully, these have been written to include all information for your trip

Questions related to Inca Trail Family holiday

Can rubber boots be hired for the Amazon Extension?

Yes, the lodge will have a range of sizes that you can borrow, or if you would prefer to have your own new ones, you can buy them in Cusco for about $10

Can sleeping bags be hired for the Inca Trail and how much do they cost?

Yes, sleeping bags are available to hire in Cusco for the Inca Trail.  These must be requested from your tour leader at the start of your trip.  The cost is USD25 and can be paid locally.

Can you hire Thermarests?

A 2cm foam mattress will be provided for your trip but you may wish to either bring your own or rent a thermarest. These can be hired in Cusco for about USD15, payable locally.

What grade is the white water rafting?

The river is graded 2 to 3 and while not scary, it is exciting. Children must be 8 years or older and an ability to swim is essential.

Questions related to Peru

Why are passport details needed?

They are essential for booking passage to Machu Picchu; whether you are on a non-trekking trip going by train or if you are trekking the famous Inca Trail.

What is the highest altitude reached and will we get altitude sickness?

Cusco and Puno are 3399 meters and 3860 meters above sea level. At such altitudes some travellers may experience, headaches, breathlessness and possibly even nausea, dizziness or palpitations. In almost all cases these effects subside over a period of 24 hours as your body adjusts to the reduced oxygen levels; indeed most travellers recover almost completely after one night's sleep at altitude. During this initial period we recommend you don't over-exert yourself, but take things gently - even climbing stairs should be taken at a slower pace than normal to give your body the best chance of adjusting to these new conditions. Unfortunately, there is no way of predicting how altitude sickness may affect the individual and if you suffer from any special condition that may be exacerbated by the relative lack of oxygen then we recommend you consult your doctor before travelling.

Can debit or credit cards be used to pay for the optional excursions?

No, cards cannot be used, cash is required, preferably US dollars but tour leader will advise accordingly. Dollars and local currency can easily be obtained using ATM machines.

Do we need malaria precautions?

Only for the Amazon extension.  On the main trip you are above the altitude tolerated by mosquitoes. If you are travelling on the Amazon extension, consult your doctor or visit a travel clinic four to six weeks prior to departure about which course of anti-malaria tablets is best for you. While on the trip protect yourself from getting bitten. Use mosquito repellent containing the compound ‘Deet’ on exposed areas of skin and on clothing (wear light-coloured clothing). 

Do we need a yellow fever jab?

Yellow Fever vaccination is compulsory if taking the Amazon extension or if coming from an infected country.  Remember to carry your certificate with you.

What are the weight and size restrictions for hold and hand luggage on the internal flights?

Most airlines impose a maximum weight limit of 20kg however, for your comfort we recommend you travel as light as possible. We advise you to take around 10kg as you will be on the move a good deal! 

What money should I take?

The local currency is called Nuevo sol. Cash in US dollars or sol is easily obtained through the many ATM’s in any of the major cities. We recommend taking US dollars as they are easily exchanged while you are there. Your local guide can offer more information about changing money once you are there. 

What will the weather be like?

Peru has distinct climatic zones. In summer (November to April) the coast is dry and sunny with an average daytime temperature of around 25°C; the rest of the year, it’s a few degrees cooler but a constant mist can make it feel clammy, though it rarely rains. In the mountains, days are warm (low 20’s) year round, but in the dry season (April to October) nights are cold and sometimes below freezing especially from July to September, particularly at Colca Canyon. In the wet season (November to March) the nights are warmer, the mornings are often clear but afternoon rain is common. The Amazon basin is generally hot (high 20’s) and humid, but in the dry season (April to October) cold fronts can cause the temperature to fall to as low as 10°C.

Do I need a visa?

Holders of UK & IRL passports do not require a visa to enter Peru. Other EU nationals should contact us for information. Nationals of all other countries should contact their local embassy or consulate. If you are travelling via the US you are required to travel under the US Visa Waiver Programme, however to do this you must register for an ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) no later than 72 hours before departure. The online application is available at https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov 

Do have do a walk the Inca Trail to see Machu Picchu?

No, you don’t have to be fit to enjoy Machu Picchu. We have trips that visit Machu Picchu by train or by walking along the Inca Trail. Curiosity and the desire to explore is all you need to get the best out of this journey.

What electrical adaptors will I need?

Peru electrical outlets are just like those throughout Europe (other than the UK), the round two-pronged plugs. It is best to buy one at the airport before flying out as they can be difficult to find once in Peru. Alternatively, a universal adapter should be suitable as some plugs are the flat pin type. All UK electrical items should work in Peru as their voltage is around 230V. 

Questions related to Family holidays

Is there a maximum age?

No, our trips are designed to be accessible to any family with a good level of fitness. But, if you have any children sixteen years or older it's worth looking at our worldwide brochure, where trips are open to any one fourteen years and over as long as the're accompanied by someone over eighteen. If you are travelling on one of our Southern Africa tours and are aged sixty five or over you will need to provide us with a medical certificate signed by your doctor.

Who are the group Leaders on Family trips?

Our leaders are all local, speak exceptionally good English and are selected for their ability to entertain the kids as well as make sure your trip runs smoothly and take the hassle of organization away from you, the parents.

Our feedback from customers often praises the leaders more than any aspect of the tour and they really do transform your holiday from a good to an unforgettable one


What is the minimum age I can go on a family trip?

The minimum age is listed on the trip pages on our website.
Many trips start for children at five years, some at six, seven or eight years. There are also dedicated teenage trips (minimum age eleven). In all cases we'll look at taking younger siblings, just let us know the ages.

Is it only parents and children who are allowed on your family trips?

The more the merrier, we like to say. We welcome all parents (including single parents) and children and you’re free to bring along any aunties, uncles and family friends too. Our only rule is that there is at least one child under 18 years travelling with you. Older families should check out our worldwide trips.

At what age does the child discount stop?

Child prices apply to children who are 14 or under at the time of travel. From 15 years you are classed as an adult. 

Questions related to General Information

What's not included in the price?

Generally anything not listed in the itinerary. This includes optional tours and excursions, some meals, visas, vaccinations, excess baggage charges, porterage at hotels, insurance, international and entry/departure taxes overseas, and things of a personal nature such as drinks, tips, room service charges, phone calls, etc. As well as any new government taxes or price increases for hotels, transportation and airfares implemented after the tour programme for this brochure was costed.  

What's included within the trip price?

Everything listed within the itinerary is included; accommodation, on-tour transport, the services of a group leader and local guides, entrance fees, excursions and activities, as well as a number of meals. See your Trip Notes for full details. Transfers to and from the airport in-country are also included for those on Group Flights, as well as a mandatory ATOL Protection Charge of £2.50 which protects your booking. 

What do I take with me?

See your Trip Notes, these have a detailed packing list. On most international flights you're restricted to twenty kilograms baggage and we recommend you always pack light. Generally hard suitcases are not suitable.

If I book late is it cheaper?

No, it is not a package with charter flights and accommodation, whereas if there is spare capacity the price is reduced to ensure it fills up.

With small group adventures flights and ground arrangements are reserved separately, due to the flexibility involved. On most trips we have a contract with a preferred airline and an allocation of flights at a special rate. However from between 1-3 months before departure, depending on the airline, we have to hand back our unused allocation. Therefore we have to buy airline tickets on the open market, which can result in flight supplements.

This point is even more prevalent for family trips, where demand for flights is high during the school holidays. Therefore reserving places late is likely to include high flight supplements.

Speak to a Travel Consultant for more information, but the rule of thumb is it’s best to reserve your place earlier.  

Can I book a trip without flights?

Yes you can do this on every trip.

Can I organise a trip with just my friends or family?

Yes, just let us know your chosen trip and we can organise a private departure. Prices may vary from those given on the website, depending on the size of the group and date of departure.

What is a group adventure?

The average group size is between 6-12, although groups can be larger or smaller than this. Generally they will be of all ages and from all walks of life. However, you will have similar interests and the shared experiences on the itinerary soon bring everyone together.

What is the accommodation going to be like?

Accommodation is clean, simple and choosen for its value for money, location and atmosphere. You'll mainly stay in twin rooms which have private facilities within small, locally-run, 2-3 star hotels and guesthouses, which reflect the character of the area. Sometimes though you'll stay in larger, more comfortable hotels or occasionally rustic accommodation with basic facilities. In such we also try and incorporate unique accommodation experiences, such as a night with a local tribe, or sleeping under the stars in the desert.

There are also camping options on several of our trekking and wildlife trips, for which all equipment is provided, but it might be necessary to bring personal gear such as sleeping bags.

Accommodation commences on the first night of the "without flights" itinerary until check-out on the day of departure. Please note accommodation on all trips are subject to change.

How knowledgeable and experienced is the Group Leader in general?

The local guides undergo extensive training in all aspects of travel in the region. They are full-time professionals and are selected for their empathy and knowledge of the area you are visiting. 


Is there a maximum age?

All of our trips are designed to be accessible to anyone with a good level of fitness. If you are travelling on one of our southern Africa tours and are aged 65 or over, you will need to provide a medical certificate signed by your doctor.