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Sri Lanka

Adventure Holidays in Sri Lanka

A Sri Lanka Holiday is a holiday like no other. A country with vast history and culture, an Adventure Company holiday will show you Buddist temples, climb rock formations and spot wildlife from elephants to crocodiles, monkeys and dolphins.

The teardrop-shaped island that was once called Ceylon is a magical place, perfect for an adventure holiday whether you are a single traveller, on a family adventure or holidaying as part of a larger group. There are ruined cities; extraordinary monuments and rock-top forts to explore, strangely colourful flora and fauna, trees and ruins running with monkeys, encounters with elephants and some of the world’s best beaches. Sri Lanka holidays have something for everyone and never fail to enchant and fascinate.

A cultural crossroads less than a third of the size of Britain, the legacy of Sri Lanka’s position on the sea route to the East is evident for all to see; from the Muslim fishing villages which saw the passing of early Arab traders, to the several common surnames which tell of Portuguese occupation and the neat hill villages left by the British. A Buddhist country, a visit to the religion’s holiest shrine the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy is a must, as is a visit to the ancient ruins and giant Buddha statues at Polonnaruwa. Nearby lies Sigiriya Rock where a climb to the summit gives spectacular views across the countryside, along with a chance to explore the ruins and a great way to enjoy your holiday in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is situated in the Northern Indian ocean off the southern coast of India. Flight time from London is around 11 hours. The island of Sri Lanka is smaller than the UK but packed with history, beauty and nature.

Family Holidays in Sri Lanka

family holiday in Sri Lanka offers plenty of adventures for all ages. Children will love a trip onto the sea for dolphin watching (November – April), helping local fishermen with their morning catch, seeing fields full of tea and tracking monkeys through ancient ruins to learn about their behaviours and habitats. A family adventure holiday to Sri Lanka is journey that literally allows the entire family to discover another world and another way of life, totally different to the one that you left behind. 

Here is what some of our family travelers said about Sri Lanka,

"I've had never really considered Sri Lanka as a safari holiday destination before, but I was reliably informed by a friend of mine that it is one of the best places in the world to see rarecreatures in a paradise-like setting. First and foremost, the island is stunningly beautifuland the favourable climate is also a major attraction.

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The country is increasingly popular since the end of the civil war and there is a big focuson tourism growth. This trip offered an immense variety and a good mix of activity andcultural interest without being too exhausting in terms of travelling distances. Starting andending at the coast, the trip takes you inland with a chance to see the diversity of naturalvegetation and landscape, influenced uniquely by the two different monsoon climates -you'll see everything from dry zone to tropical jungle and high plains and tea plantations atthe highest elevations inland

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