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East Africa Family Safari

19 days Africa, Kenya, Tanzania
Adventure level: 
2. Gentle
Family Holidays | Min age 7yrs
Trip code: 
Trip Highlights: 
Visit the giraffe centre and Snake island
Camp on the white beaches of Zanzibar
Take a camel ride to a Masai Village

Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find the answer?

Please read through the trip notes fully, these have been written to include all information for your trip

Questions related to Kenya

Do I need a rabies jab?

A rabies jab is not compulsory for travel in Kenya. Please consult with your doctor or a travel clinic six to eight weeks prior to departure for the best information reagrding this.

Can I pay for optional trips with cards or UK currency?

Generally not many places accept credit cards for payment, but US Dollars cash are usually accepted.

Should I be buying safari coloured clothing as we are on game drives etc?

Beige, creme or khaki coloured clothing is recommended, as these colours are comfortable in direct sunlight and do not attract Tsetse flies. You do not need to splurge on buying new clothes though. We just recommend you avoid dark blue and black, as these colours attract insects.

Can I change the currency back when I get home?

No. The import and export of the local currency is prohibited, so you will have to change it before you leave. (Please note that only bank notes can be changed back into Euros, sterlings or Dollars and you should always keep the receipt of the money exchange as a proof)

Is it ok to tip in US dollars or better to tip in local currency?

US Dollars are the most popular currency for tips in Kenya. It is also okay to use left over local currency, you might struggle to exchange it otherwise.

Do the vehicles have seatbelts?

Yes, this is a mandatory regulation in Kenya.

Do I need malaria precautions for this trip?

Malaria precautions are essential. Risk is present throughout the year in most of the country and epidemics occur during the rains (April-June and November-December). There is only a very small risk in Nairobi and in the highlands (above 2500m) of Central, Eastern, Nyanza Rift Valley and Western Provinces. Avoid mosquito bites by covering up with clothing such as long sleeves and long trousers especially after sunset, using insect repellents on exposed skin and, when necessary, sleeping under a mosquito net. Check with your doctor or a travel clinic six to eight weeks prior to departure.

Questions related to Tanzania

Can I change the currency back when I get home?

No. The import and export of the local currency is prohibited, so you will have to change it before you leave. (Please note that only bank notes can be changed back into Euros, sterlings or Dollars and you should always keep the receipt of the money exchange as a proof)

Do I need a visa?

Holders of UK & IRL passports do require a visa. Other EU nationals should contact us for information. Nationals of all other countries should contact their local embassy or consulate. More information will be sent out six to eight weeks prior to departure.

How much baggage can you take to Zanzibar?

The luggage allowance is 15kgs on Air Excel and Zanair. For Precision Air it is is 20kg. You will have to pay USD 1 per kilogram over the weight limit.

Do I need to take malaria precautions?

Malaria precautions are essential in all areas below 1800m, all year round. we  recommend you consult with your doctor or travel clinic four to six weeks prior to departure. While on the tour, avoid mosquito bites by covering up with clothing such as long sleeves and long trousers especially after sunset, and by using insect repellents containing 'Deet' on exposed skin.  

Should we pre book all optional trips before leaving the UK to avoid disappointment?

You should definitely pre-book the Serengeti balloon flight if you want to do it, as this often fills up and you are likely to be disappointed if you leave it until your arrival in Tanzania. Other activities can be booked locally.

What happens if it is windy when I am scheduled to take the balloon flight?

If you are unable to take off due to weather then you will receive a full refund.

Are there many snakes and insects in Tanzania?

Insects keep a low profile and there’s probably a 10% chance of seeing a snake during your stay.

Are there mosquito nets in the hotels & lodges?

Yes, the properties used all have mosquito nets in the rooms.

When is the best time to travel?

There are four broad seasons: the long dry season (June-October) is generally when temperatures are slightly lower and there is very little rainfall. This is followed by the ""short rains"" (November-December) where temperatures and rainfall are higher. During the short dry season (January-March) it can be very hot and humid. The ""long rains"" fall during April to May. The great wildebeest migration usually reaches the Western corridor of the Serengeti in June and early July. Between December and February they are giving birth in huge numbers on the Serengeti plains to build up their numbers prior to their migration.So the best time to travel depends on what you want from your holiday!

What is it like travelling in Tanzania?

When travelling in Tanzania, as in much of Africa, rough roads, limited facilities and basic accommodation may require you to adjust levels of expectation.

Questions related to General Information

Can I organise a trip with just my friends or family?

Yes, just let us know your chosen trip and we can organise a private departure. Prices may vary from those given on the website, depending on the size of the group and date of departure.

How knowledgeable and experienced is the Group Leader in general?

The local guides undergo extensive training in all aspects of travel in the region. They are full-time professionals and are selected for their empathy and knowledge of the area you are visiting. 


What do I take with me?

See your Trip Notes, these have a detailed packing list. On most international flights you're restricted to twenty kilograms baggage and we recommend you always pack light. Generally hard suitcases are not suitable.

What's included within the trip price?

Everything listed within the itinerary is included; accommodation, on-tour transport, the services of a group leader and local guides, entrance fees, excursions and activities, as well as a number of meals. See your Trip Notes for full details. Transfers to and from the airport in-country are also included for those on Group Flights, as well as a mandatory ATOL Protection Charge of £2.50 which protects your booking. 

What's not included in the price?

Generally anything not listed in the itinerary. This includes optional tours and excursions, some meals, visas, vaccinations, excess baggage charges, porterage at hotels, insurance, international and entry/departure taxes overseas, and things of a personal nature such as drinks, tips, room service charges, phone calls, etc. As well as any new government taxes or price increases for hotels, transportation and airfares implemented after the tour programme for this brochure was costed.  

If I book late is it cheaper?

No, it is not a package with charter flights and accommodation, whereas if there is spare capacity the price is reduced to ensure it fills up.

With small group adventures flights and ground arrangements are reserved separately, due to the flexibility involved. On most trips we have a contract with a preferred airline and an allocation of flights at a special rate. However from between 1-3 months before departure, depending on the airline, we have to hand back our unused allocation. Therefore we have to buy airline tickets on the open market, which can result in flight supplements.

This point is even more prevalent for family trips, where demand for flights is high during the school holidays. Therefore reserving places late is likely to include high flight supplements.

Speak to a Travel Consultant for more information, but the rule of thumb is it’s best to reserve your place earlier.  

Is there a maximum age?

All of our trips are designed to be accessible to anyone with a good level of fitness. If you are travelling on one of our southern Africa tours and are aged 65 or over, you will need to provide a medical certificate signed by your doctor.

Can I book a trip without flights?

Yes you can do this on every trip.

What is the accommodation going to be like?

Accommodation is clean, simple and choosen for its value for money, location and atmosphere. You'll mainly stay in twin rooms which have private facilities within small, locally-run, 2-3 star hotels and guesthouses, which reflect the character of the area. Sometimes though you'll stay in larger, more comfortable hotels or occasionally rustic accommodation with basic facilities. In such we also try and incorporate unique accommodation experiences, such as a night with a local tribe, or sleeping under the stars in the desert.

There are also camping options on several of our trekking and wildlife trips, for which all equipment is provided, but it might be necessary to bring personal gear such as sleeping bags.

Accommodation commences on the first night of the "without flights" itinerary until check-out on the day of departure. Please note accommodation on all trips are subject to change.

What is a group adventure?

The average group size is between 6-12, although groups can be larger or smaller than this. Generally they will be of all ages and from all walks of life. However, you will have similar interests and the shared experiences on the itinerary soon bring everyone together.

Questions related to Family holidays

Who are the group Leaders on Family trips?

Our leaders are all local, speak exceptionally good English and are selected for their ability to entertain the kids as well as make sure your trip runs smoothly and take the hassle of organization away from you, the parents.

Our feedback from customers often praises the leaders more than any aspect of the tour and they really do transform your holiday from a good to an unforgettable one


Is it only parents and children who are allowed on your family trips?

The more the merrier, we like to say. We welcome all parents (including single parents) and children and you’re free to bring along any aunties, uncles and family friends too. Our only rule is that there is at least one child under 18 years travelling with you. Older families should check out our worldwide trips.

What is the minimum age I can go on a family trip?

The minimum age is listed on the trip pages on our website.
Many trips start for children at five years, some at six, seven or eight years. There are also dedicated teenage trips (minimum age eleven). In all cases we'll look at taking younger siblings, just let us know the ages.

Is there a maximum age?

No, our trips are designed to be accessible to any family with a good level of fitness. But, if you have any children sixteen years or older it's worth looking at our worldwide brochure, where trips are open to any one fourteen years and over as long as the're accompanied by someone over eighteen. If you are travelling on one of our Southern Africa tours and are aged sixty five or over you will need to provide us with a medical certificate signed by your doctor.

At what age does the child discount stop?

Child prices apply to children who are 14 or under at the time of travel. From 15 years you are classed as an adult.