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Region Highlights: 

The UNESCO site of Petra
The desert of Wadi Rum
Floating on the Dead Sea
Tea and games with Bedouin famillies 

Holidays in Jordan

The ancient city of Petra is what makes the country of Jordan famous and is the reason many people go on Jordan holidays. And it more than lives up to the hype - you cannot fail to be amazed by its magnificent pink rock-cut architecture and water system. Located in the north of Jordan in the Ma'an governate, since 1985 Petra has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Film fans may recognise the region from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. The city's history dates back to prehistoric times, when its strategic site between the Red Sea and Dead Sea meant those heading to Arabia, Egypt and Syria regularly passed through. While half of the city is traditionally constructed, the other area is carved out of rock - and the real excitement of a holiday to Jordan comes from exploring its passages and gorges. Jordan is not just about Petra though; the endless desert, the warm hospitality of the locals and floating in the Dead Sea are just a few more of the top attractions too.

A highlight of any trip to Jordan though is the journey to Petra itself. To reach the fabled pink city, travellers must cross the majestic desert at Wadi Rum, just as Lawrence of Arabia is believed to have done. Experience this in bedouin style on one of our cultural holidays to Jordan. Families will enjoy interacting with the local community, learning about their lifestyle while having fun, playing football and local games, sharing tea and sleeping in Bedouin tents.

"Jordan for me was always associated with ‘Petra’; the Wonder of the World, high on my list of ‘must be seen’. But nothing prepared me to discover such a rich and diverse country with unexpected highlights that would take my breath away." Read a personal experience of a Jordan holiday from one of our guests, here.

Family Jordan Trips

On our family Jordan trips you can:

  • Camp under the stars with a Bedouin tribe
  • Play gladiators in the Roman Amphitheatre in Jerash
  • Snorkel in the Red Sea and play in the mud in the Dead Sea
  • Learn to cook and dance like the Bedouin
  • Explore the fantastic ruins of Petra
  • Hike through the Holy Land along the Roe Deer Trail

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Family Holidays in Jordan


It may have been made more than 20 years ago, but Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade still remains a film favourite among youngsters - and children will love the chance to check out one of the locations used in the movie. This is one of the many reasons that Petra will amuse and delight families during their family holidays to Jordan - while mum and dad marvel at the ancient architecture, little ones will be imagining swinging from ropes and finding treasure.

"The country is as family-friendly as it is fascinating. Throughout the entire duration of the trip the kids were able to play football and other games with the very hospitable local youngsters, which really did make the holiday extra special". Read more about one family's experience in Jordan here.

Kids may learn about this Unesco World Heritage Site at school, but there really is no substitute for giving them the chance to check it out up close.
When it comes to the safety of Jordan holidays for children, it is all a matter of being sensible and gaging your child's abilities and personality. A fit and healthy teenager should find walking and camping no problem during their family holiday to Jordan.

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