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Europe Holidays


Europe: the quintessential holiday spot. But with it’s myriad of languages, cuisines and transport to master, it can be a somewhat challenging adventure for families. Take on a European holiday with The Family Adventure Company, and swap the hassle and expense for family fun and lifelong memories.

Imagine comandeering a raft in Croatia’s white water, hitting the snow-capped slopes of Slovakia or swimming with wild dolphins off the Sao Miguel coast. This could be your family.

We’ve got warm baguettes and bolognese on standby, chalets and alpine trains ready and waiting, plus an action-packed family adventure, with your name on it. It’s time for your family to start dreaming continental.

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Where will we stay?

As well as making sure your family activity expectations are catered for, we know it’s important for families to know where they will rest their heads at the end of an action-packed day. For our continental adventures, we stay in small, locally run hotels where hospitality is key and family-friendly facilities are paramount.

Luckily for us, Europe is filled with plenty of old, beautiful buildings and character-filled properties.  In Italy, we stay in a locally run guesthouse, Villa Giovanna, decorated with olive trees and Sorrento lemon trees, not to mention the great views over the Bay of Naples and an inviting swimming pool.

In Turkey, you’ll spend two nights aboard a traditional gullet, sailing the glorious Medditerranean Coast and in Slovakia, your family will stay in a pretty Pension surrounded by green countryside. 

Villa GiovannaTurkish gullet

What awaits my family across the waters?

Heading off the beaten track in Europe with your kids in tow is a great way to fuel their imagination and to teach them those all-important like skills.

So instead of sitting on the same beaches, that we all know and love in Spain and Italy, discover a range of activities in these very destinations to really spice up a week away.

Your family could:

Live like a local Xlendi shepherd in Gozo


Still tending their sheep and goats in the pristine countryside, you’ll enjoy a truly unique experience by spending the day with a Gozitan shepherd.  Sheep? Check. Goats? Check. Sheep dogs? Check. And kids? This makes for the ultimate real life family experience!

Experience on Malta and Gozo Family Holiday

Hit the forest trails on a mountain bike in Andorra

Andorra family

Andorra is a family adventure playground on your doorstep, offering a whole host of adrenaline-pumping activities including mountain biking, skiing, hiking and zip wiring, (to name just a few). Your family will be based in the beautiful Pyrenean mountain scenery for the week, and will call home a friendly, local family run hotel .

Experience on Summer Pyrenees Family Holiday

Swim with dolphins off the coast of Sao Miguel in The Azores

Azores family

Dolphins: many a kids’ dream to swim with these fascinating and friendly creatures. So, the early rise is soon forgotten once you’re in the Atlantic Coast, gliding through the sea with the bottlenose, spotted and Risso wild dolphins frolicking in the warm waters beside you.

Experience on The Azores Family Holiday

Explore the ruins of Pompeii on foot

Italy family

History lessons don’t have to be dry and dull affairs. We’ll guide you and the kids through the old stone streets of Pompeii and bring the familiar story of its AD79 destruction to life. Learn about the city’s last few minutes at ground level, then climb Mt Vesuvius for a bird’s-eye view over Campania.

Experience on Italy Family Holiday


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