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Region Highlights: 

Mount Vesuvius

The amazing town of Pompeii

The bay of Naples

Adventures in Italy

A place of majestic ruins, beautiful cities, divine cuisine, rich culture and breathtaking scenery, Italy is a charming and intriguing destination in which to enjoy a European adventure holiday. From the gorgeous olive groves of Tuscany to the glittering harbours of Capri Island; the ancient streets of Pompeii to the steaming crater of Mount Vesuvius and the lemon groves and vineyards of the Sorrento Peninsula, Italy holidays contain a fantastic diversity to enthral and captivate anyone on an activity break in Europe, whether they are holidaying with companions, or prefer to travel alone as part of an organised tour. 

The Alps form Italy’s northern boundary and Appenine Mountains form its backbone, whilst its famous boot-shape peninsular is outlined with endless scenic coastline; offering fantastic opportunities for skiing, swimming, sailing and walking holidays in Italy. Teeming with world-renowned art, breathtaking architecture, rich history and ancient remnants (Italy has more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other country); Italy is often called a living museum. So whether you float along canals in Venice, explore spectacular ruins in Rome, wander through medieval streets in Siena or sip some fine local wine in Florence; your holiday to Italy is bound to be filled with inspiration and beauty as well as adventure.


Family Holidays in Italy

Pompeii, Sorrento, Capri and Vesuvius – all names guaranteed to stir up vivid imaginings of holidays to Italy. A great destination for an active family adventure trip, the diverse and stunning Campania region in the south of the country has much to capture the interest of even the hardest to please young adventurers! Explore the vibrant city of Naples, stylish and full of charisma, perhaps take a cookery lesson learning to make traditional pizza, summit Vesuvius and join the jet set in exclusive Capri.

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