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White water rafting

Mountain Biking

Winter sports haven

Adventures in Andorra

It may be a tiny country, but travellers can have big fun on their Andorra holidays. Nestled between France and Spain at the heart of the Pyrenees, this 468 sq km nation has a population of less than 90,000 and some of the planet's most breathtaking scenery. Its mountainous geography means that holidays to Andorra are perfect for those who want more out of their trips than the chance to soak up the sun on a lounger. 

All manner of outdoor activities can be enjoyed on Andorra holidays, including hikes to the summit of Pic Maia and walks through the country's other mountains. A popular route through the peaks takes travellers past the Siscaro Lakes, which are perfect for a cooling swim on a summer day.

Treks through the Incles Valley are also an unmissable part of an Andorra tour - this area is a rainbow of interesting flora and fauna and is home to free-roaming horses. The Ordino Valley is a popular part of the itinerary on Andorra tours, which offers tourists the chance to check out the country's iron mines and mills - the nation's first industry.

This area of Andorra is perhaps best explored on a bike - there are few more thrilling experiences than cycling past such breathtaking sights. Bike riding is also a fun activity in the Cortals Valley, where the terrain is a little more flat in places. A forest track is also available for those who enjoy a few more thrills and spills while cycling on their Andorra travels.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of, Andorra holidays is the chance to go white-water rafting. As you hurtle down the river on the Old Smugglers Route, thoughts of lazing on the beach with an ice cream will be a million exhilarating miles from your mind.

Family Holidays in Andorra

A family holiday in Andorra will be full of adventures and activities. Hiking and Biking the mountains will prove exhilarating and a change from the day to day. In the summer, White Water rafting is one of our most popular summer activities with teenagers whilst Being pulled in a Dog Sled is something they never forget.

Ideally suited to the active family, our Andorra holidays are great in summer and winter.

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