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#WhatsYourAdventure challenge

And the winner of the Trips100 x The Family Adventure Company #WhatsYourAdventure challenge is……

Thanks to everyone who took part in the #WhatsYourAdventure challenge with Trips100 and The Family Adventure Company and helped make it a success!

The results are now in and our judges have made their final decision. The winner of an 8-day Cambodia Family Holiday with The Family Adventure Company is (drum roll please!):


Our favourite Ho Ho Ho (Chi Minh) jokes

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and while Christmas is a time for celebration, reliving tradition, and spending time with loved ones, let’s face it – what’s Christmas without a healthy serving of corny cracker jokes!

We’ve rounded up 10 of the best festive jokes that are guaranteed to tickle the whole family’s funny bone.

Deck the halls with puns of glory!

What do elves learn at school?

The Elf-abet

Why is The Great British Bake Off like the nativity?

Because the Star is in the Yeast

22 emotions you’ll experience flying long haul with kids

So much world, so much airtime. Travelling the world as a family brings plenty of adventure and precious memories. But what about getting there? Long haul. Aiborne. With kids. How many GIFs can you relate to?

1. When you’ve checked-in online and you breeze past the queues

The Woodyer's Andorra Family Holiday

The Woodyer Family recently discovered what it’s like to go off the beaten track with The Family Adventure Company, taking their 9, 11 and 13 year olds on a family holiday to Andorra. Squeezed between Spain and France, the mountainous principality is a perfect place for an action-packed summer activity week.

It’s not all about he who roars the loudest!

Much like half of the population (we imagine), we’ve been eagerly awaiting the 2016 remake of The Jungle Book. The animals, the cast and the big screen action make this version of Kipling’s iconic novel, pure magic. But, we feel a little bad…

Shere Khan has been getting some serious publicity these days. What about the Hathis, the Kaas, the Bagheeras and of course the Baloos. We’ve narrowed it down and created our own top 5 animals we love to spot in India (sorry Shere Khan, you didn’t make the cut today!).

6 family travel myths debunked

Family travel often gets a bad rap. People think it’s all chasing your naked toddler through a hotel lobby while he/she screams for chocolate, or being stuck in a campervan or dreary chalet watching Finding Nemo so many times that you develop an urge to exterminate all marine life. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

China: in pictures

China is an eclectic country where tradition collides neatly with modernity and adventure happens in front of a variety of beautiful landscapes. There's a whole host of favourite and new activities on offer and what better way to show you, than in pictures. Check out what your family could get up to in The Land of the Dragon, on one of our favourite trips

Unplugged: 5 adventures to go techno-free

We know it can be pretty hard to go techno-free in today’s world, but it’s #NationalUnpluggingDay on 28 June 2015 so there’s no excuse not to put down those tempting iPhones, switch off the Kindles and get back to basics.  

The nature of our trips is about switching off from the norm at home, trying your hand at something new and immersing yourself in local culture, with plenty of real experiences. If you can only manage a day, make it 28 June. #Unplug

Turkey: in pictures

Turkey is an active, water wonderland perfect for families with older children and teens, looking for a little more than Mediterranean beach holiday. There's a whole host of favourite and new activies on offer and what better way to show you, than in pictures. Check out what your family could get up to in the coastal town of Kas, on one of our favourite trips

7 top tips for kids on how to take a great adventure travel picture

1.  You don’t need all the ‘gear’.

Here at The Family Adventure Company, taking the ‘perfect’ shot for us is all about the right subject and the right atmosphere ie our families. And we found that we don’t need the latest digital camera and high tech tripod to take it on. A good old iPhone will do the trick just as well and most importantly, if you capture the spirit of the scene, then that’s enough for us! 

2.  It doesn’t have to be what everyone else is staring at.

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