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Our top 5 destinations to chase Pokémon

It’s official: this summer it’s all about the go. As in, Pokémon Go. As much fun as it is helping the kids catch Pikachu whilst doing the school run, chasing Caterpie in the neighbours’ garden or dodging dog walkers to snare Meowth, your kids could be channelling their inner Ash Ketchum say on the shores of Thailand, in the meadows of Andorra, or even from across the pond in Yosemite.

Sound good? Here are our top five places around the globe to play the ultimate Pokémon Go. The time is right.

Ocean adventures: 6 of our favourite

Somewhere for the kids to swim on a family holiday can be the deal breaker when seeking out that all-important adventure. Luckily, we've scoped out the most unique of places to take a dip in, and these waters are sure to keep the kids occupied for hours. 

China: in pictures

China is an eclectic country where tradition collides neatly with modernity and adventure happens in front of a variety of beautiful landscapes. There's a whole host of favourite and new activities on offer and what better way to show you, than in pictures. Check out what your family could get up to in The Land of the Dragon, on one of our favourite trips

Family fun in Croatia

It was here at last It had seemed such a long way off when I booked it the previous November. It was our first holiday just the 3 of us, I was both nervous and excited. My 2 girls aged then 8 and 9 couldn’t wait to set off.

Used The Adventure Company twice....so far!

We've used The Aventure Company twice so far. South Africa 2007 and Namibia 2008.
The guides in South Africa were great. Ruben with his knowledge of snakes and Hendrick with his knowledge of birds made the travelling interesting. In Namibia Raymond and Joe were likewise knowledgeable and very interesting to talk to.
South Africa.

capabilitygold's blog

I want to take my daughter, who will be 10 by then, to Egypt in April 2011. It will just be the two of us travelling. Has anyone else taken kids of that age on the felucca/valley of the kings trip who could advise me on this holiday? Are the two parent families on the trip friendly to single parents???! It is a big investment for me and I want to be sure it is a good one!

Thank you Emma

The Adventure Company at Trailwalker 2011

100 k. 30 hours. 3 teams. (And a whole heap of awful weather!)

Ever heard of Oxfam Trailwalker? On July 16th, three teams from The Adventure Company set off on a race across the South Downs to raise money for the Gurkha Welfare Trust.

First steps

The 6am start didn’t look good. One of the worst Julys in 20 years, the rain was absolutely bucketing it down. Mud would stick to our boots and slow us down. And the wind would try and knock us down. As the whistle blew, we began what would become an epic journey.

Take a look at a Turkey Family Holiday

Take a look at Turkey for your next family holiday. Less than four hours flying from the UK brings you to the edge of Europe and Asia. Our Family holidays in Turkey are some of our most popular holidays and for good reason. Many of our travellers have blogged about their experiences on a Turkey Holiday so don't just take our word for it.

Celebrating 100 years of the ultimate walking experience - Machu Picchu

What is your dream destination for a walking holiday? Kathmandu? The Great Wall of China? Mount Kilimanjaro?

Why Turkey is the place to go for a family holiday

We've all experienced it haven't we?

We jump off the plane full of excitement, spend two minutes throwing our cases into the hotel room and then... the other half heads straight to the hotel pool to lounge around sipping exotic cocktails all day, while reading some obscure romantic novel.
For many, this may seem like the perfect break, but not me.  Don't get me wrong, there's nothing peculiar about recuperating from the daily rigours of life in murky old Britain with a mojito in one hand and a bottle of factor 30 sun cream in the other.


I'm climbing Kilimanjaro in Sept, not long now


5 Family Holiday Destinations with a Difference

Schools Out! Now, how to entertain the family through the summer. At The Adventure Company we have a wide range of Family Holidays and Family Adventure Holidays to suit all ages of children and all sizes of family.

As the summer stretches ahead of us, we present 5 family holidays you may not have considered. All leaving soon, all available to book today. 

Q & A with Adventurous Alfie

One of our youngest travellers here at The Family Adventure Company tells us why he loves Thailand so much, and we couldn't agree more!

Q1. What is your best memory of the holiday?

A1. The day with the elephants. I fed them watermelons and pumpkins. We gave them a bath as well in the river. It was the first time I met an elephant.