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The Golden Triangle

Hill tribe Adventures

Idyllic beaches

Adventures in Thailand

Mountains shrouded in jungle, beautiful islands, ancient temples, unspoiled coral reefs in clear blue sea, remote rainforest and bustling cities, an adventure holiday to Thailand is a steaming melting pot of cultural experience. Explore ancient, glittering temples and meet saffron-robed Buddhist monks. Venture into the pristine rainforest of Khao Sok National Park. Base yourself on beautiful pristine islands, exploring the coastline, sea kayaking, diving and snorkelling or trek inland to the hills, visiting remote villages and learning about traditional rural life. To travel to Thailand is to experience a full and varied range of active adventure, perfect for solo travellers, family adventurers and anyone who wants to get under the skin of this gem of South East Asia.

Thailand holidays are fantastic for travellers looking to ‘give something back’ to the communities through which they travel. From spending time with local families, to donating a few days helping with community projects, you don’t need to be on a specific volunteering holiday to make a difference. 


Family Holidays in Thailand

Combine adventure and relaxation to create the perfect family adventure holiday to Thailand. Whether you wish to travel the east or west coast of this diverse country there are beautiful islands to explore and scenery to discover, be as active as you want to be! Children and parents will delight in the ‘other-worldliness’ of Thailand. A place where there is jungle on the doorstep, you pass elaborate, ornate shrines and temples as you walk down the street and monkeys jump on the end of your kayak as you draw near shore. A real adventure holiday!

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