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Region Highlights: 

The Terracotta Warriors

The Great Wall

The Three Gorges

Adventure holidays in China

Magic of the Orient

Few places on Earth are as evocative and full of wonder as the Far East and so it’s not surprising the ideal holiday in China can be hard to find – there is just so much to do! The amassed army of Terracotta Warriors – buried some 22 centuries ago to guard the tomb of Emperor Qin Shi Huang and only discovered in 1974 is an amazing sight; as is the awe-inspiring discipline of the Shaolin Monks practising the art of kung fu with stunning strength and agility. China adventure tours also include the unique landscapes of Guilin, the blend of the ancient and the modern in Beijing, walking the Great Wall, the modern, vibrant cities of Hong Kong and Shanghi, cruising the Yangtse River through the famous Three Gorges and of course, observing giant pandas in Chengdu.

For those interested in culture and countries with long, rich and vibrant histories, it doesn’t really get any better than China travel. The list of sights is practically endless, and near on impossible to co-ordinate when travelling alone which is what makes an Family Adventure Company organised tour the ideal option for those wanting to experience the wonders of the Orient on a limited timescale. 

Family China Trip

On our family China trips you can:

  • Learn Kung Fu from the masters
  • Ride the retro tram through Hong Kong
  • Visit the Longmen Caves - a wonder to behold
  • Meet China's finest pandas at the Panda Research Centre
  • Ride through the countryside of Yangshuo with your family.

More on our Family China Trip

Family holidays in China

A family holiday to China really brings ancient history to life. What child won’t be impressed by the amassed ranks of the Terracotta Warriors, the sight of the Great Wall snaking into the distance or getting up close to endangered giant pandas? China is a destination that children learn about at school and so to visit on a family adventure holiday is a brilliant opportunity – it’s just slightly embarrassing when they show up the adults with their already extensive knowledge of the region!

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Giant Panda