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Holidays in the USA

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The Grand Canyon

Las Vegas

Monument Valley

Adventure holidays in USA

‘Ole Glory, Route 66, Stetson hats, towering New York skyscrapers, Hollywood, the bright lights of Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley… the list is endless but the iconography all pointing to the same destination – the USA. Few countries of Earth are as embedded into our consciousness as ‘the States’, everybody has an opinion on it and many people want to visit at least a part of it.

The home of the phrase ‘road trip’, the variety of landscape encountered during a touring holiday to the US is amazingly diverse and gives travellers a great place to explore and create personal American adventures. Lovers of American activity holidays can ski and snowboard in the mountains during winter, while in summer white water rafting, canoeing, mountain biking, kayaking and horse riding are all possible. Almost anything is – depending on where you go. Walkers can stretch their legs in a huge variety of stunning National Parks all over the country, the beautiful Appalachians being a particularly good place for a walking holiday, while trekking the Grand Canyon is also popular. Lovers of museums and history can happily lose themselves for days in Washington DC and those with children looking for family holidays in America have a bewildering array of trip options.

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The Grand Canyon