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Region Highlights: 

The Galapagos Islands

Colonial Quito

The Amazon Rainforest

Adventures in Ecuador

Ecuador, the smallest of the Andean nations, is a land of breathtaking variety; the mighty Andes, the lush Amazon and the unspoiled Galapagos – a fantastic combination of wildlife, people and wilderness, perfect for an active adventure. Nowhere else on Earth is it possible to travel from the snow-draped volcanoes and peaks of the high Andes down to the immense rainforests of the Amazon – via the equator!

Ecuador travel - explore beautifully-preserved Quito, barter for handicrafts in local markets, bathe in volcanic spa waters, take a spectacular train journey, visit an ancient Inca site and walk in dramatic and beautiful landscapes. Ride jungle rivers by motorised canoe, go hiking in the rainforest and spend a night in an Amazon jungle lodge; an amazing experience as when night falls the jungle comes alive with nocturnal noise!

Ecuadorian holidays are often unusual, perfect for those who love to get away from the tourist herd, dream of finding an unspoiled paradise. They need look no further than the ‘enchanted’ Galápagos Islands. The diversity of the animal species in this unique archipelago is famed for being where Charles Darwin meticulously assembled the evidence for his Theory of Evolution and as such is a dream destination for nature lovers the world over. The animals of the Galapagos have no fear of humans, allowing for an unrivalled close up nature experience. A visit to the Galapagos is a grand finale to any South American adventure and a memorable once in a lifetime holiday for any lover of natural history. 


Family Holidays in Ecuador


Combine the best of mainland Ecuador, the Amazon and the unique Galapagos on a fantastic family adventure holiday, perfect for lovers of outdoor adventure! With The Adventure Company’s minimum age on this trip of just 5 years old, even smaller family members can enjoy close encounters with marine iguana, sea lions, giant tortoise and blue footed boobies! In the water, swimming with penguins and turtles in the wild will add a whole new dimension to animal interaction! 


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