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Africa Adventure Holidays

Our African family trips specialise in the big and beautiful: camel treks through the Moroccan Sahara, exploring tombs in the Valley of the Kings or paddling a canoe through the Okavango Delta. Trust us, nature, animal lovers and budding Indiana Jones’s won’t want to leave.

Africa forms a large part of all children’s school curriculum – that’s where our safaris come in handy. Africa will bring the creatures your children see in their text books every day to life: and really, the only way to truly inspire a child in Africa is to let them experience the thrill of discovery for themselves – who said curriculum was reserved for the classroom? It’s time to take a walk on the wild side.

Where will my family stay?

You’ve got the whole of Africa to play in and half the fun is exploring where you’ll rest your head at the end of a busy day. Whether you want to camp in the heart of a National Park, make like Luke Skywalker and spend the night in Tunisia’s cave hotel or get comfy in a beach chalet, you’ll always be surprised.

Tanzania Family

And that’s not all; on safari in Tanzania, you’ll have the chance to spend two nights in a fully functioning Land Rover suite. That’s a converted Land Rover parked right in the heart of Saadani’s National Park.  All our accommodation is fully vetted for families so you can rest easy and enjoy your adventure.

What will my family discover?

Here are a few of our favourite activities that await your family on an adventure in Africa.

Observe the African wildlife via a camera trap

Tanzania Family

On a family adventure, there aren’t any secrets of Tanzania’s wildlife in Saadani’s National Park. Head out with your local guide at dusk and set up your camera trap deep within the bush. Your kids won’t be able to contain their excitement when the animal-adventures of the night are revealed the next morning.

Experience on Tanzania Family Safari

Visit local Berber villages in the Atlas Mountains

Morocco family

Picture this: a pleasant village in the foothills of the Atlas, your children learning traditional Berber games with local children and you sitting down with villagers to learn a little about their culture. Welcome to our Morocco adventure that’ll take you to the foot of the mighty Atlas.

Experience on Morocco Family Holiday

Conquer the world’s highest sand dunes

Namibia family

With the wind in your hair, sand beneath your feet and the look of sheer joy on your kids’ faces, this is Namibia: you’ve just conquered the highest sand dunes in the world.

Experience on Namibia and Botswana Family Safari

Visit a Zulu village in South Africa

South Africa family

Zulu villages are still traditional affairs. Tribespeople ive int hatched hurs and make a living off the land. Girls help women weave and cook while boys and men tend goats and cattle. Meet the villagers, learn about local life and explore the surrounding Hluhluwe-iMofolozi National Park. 

Experience on South Africa Teenage Safari


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